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I’ve lived in the US and UK for around a year each and I didn’t have any extreme cultural clashes. I made friends with other Egyptians but I also had a strong affinity with Arabs and Muslims and Africans. When in the US, I read a lot of novels about Indians and Pakistanis and Afghans who lived in America because they resonated so deeply with my experience.

But you know something. As a person, I think very much of my identity as a woman, as a mom, as an ALT-academic, as a semi-privileged person, marginal yet powerful in online and offline spaces. As a critical pedagogue. As a human who realizes every day that not all humans are treated the same and that while my own suffering is different from others, that I care about what we have in common and what we don’t.

I’m an extreme extrovert who loves to write and speak and isn’t afraid to show emotions and fall in love with people and their hearts and minds. And that sometimes is all that makes the difference in my interactions. Sometimes I’m nothing but a mom. Or nothing but a wife. Or nothing but a daughter. Or nothing but a friend.

So yeah. I mean, we can’t generalize about Africa. I share some things w South Africa but not apartheid history. I share some things w Tunisians but I don’t actually understand their Arabic dialect. I share a lot with Sudan but more with Jordan even though Egypt and Sudan used to be one country. I was born and raised in Kuwait but share more with third culture kids than I do with Kuwaitis…

And I’m thinking that vconnecting matters to people who are marginal in different ways: women, people from emerging economies, unaffiliated academics, graduate students, people with health problems, visa problems, ALT-academics… And those who just have dissenting views or care to listen to marginal voices.

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Oh and who am I supporting in the world cup? They’re both great. I support France coz of all the African-origin players (let us have this) but I also support Croatia as a really brilliant underdog this entire tournament. P. S. When France won they played a Cheb Khaled song C’est la vie … So…. NORTH African singer. Ha. Algerian like Mbappe’s mom!

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While working with a group of wonderful educators on a conference workshop, Sukaina Walji shared this wonderful Cheap Deals Nicekicks For Sale Long Sleeved Wrap Front Top Black Asos Amazing Discount 2018 New 0FeYaKFQP
by Raewyn Connell on decolonizing curriculum. I remember at the time tweeting many parts of it, but now re-reading it, I feel the need to blog some quotes and thoughts to enable me to keep coming back to it.

One of the most important distinctions the article makes is that the significant critique of power in the state of knowledge is not so much that it is Western as that it is Imperial, in the sense of having been built during colonial expansion. It is interwoven with the knowledge of the colonized but organized and legitimated and given power and privilege by the colonizers.

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leaped 67 spots and is now a five-star in the 247 Composite, and wide receiver
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“It’s creating such a national buzz, man,” said expert James Hale. “Everybody’s talking Oklahoma. They’re talking Zimmermann Woman Asymmetric Cottonblend Corded Lace Top Sand Size 2 Zimmermann Fake Cheap Online Sale Browse w3Au0G2z5
. They’re talking about the #NewWave19, and with training camp getting underway at the end of this month, with Big 12 Media Days right around the corner, there’s so much out there that’s a positive influence about Oklahoma that it’s great to see.

“Spencer has given everybody a spark. Why? Because at Oklahoma we always love, you know, who’s the next great one, who’s the next guy. You can have a Heisman Trophy winner, but it’s who’s the next guy? Who’s going to be the next great one? That’s what’s always fun about everything that’s going on there.”

All six of them, as well as 2020 running back commit Man Trousers Gant 35L36 GANT Amazing Price Sale Online AJ1a7KRB4
, showed out at The Opening, as Team Overdrive won the 7on7 Tournament. Rattler, Stogner and Wease all earned All-Tournament Team honors in the process, and Rattler was named the top QB in the Elite 11.

“So that’s a real positive thing that they went down there and they really turned it on,” Hale said. “Spencer seems to be a quick study. You know, he has a lot of talent in Trejan [Bridges] and those guys and Arjei [Henderson]. And Trejan is a guy that wasn’t as celebrated as the other guys. Maybe it’s because he’s not 6-5, but look how good he is. You can’t cover him. You can’t stay in front of him. He’s a slot. He’s an outside guy. Can you say Womens Maternity Shorts Esprit Maternity Clearance 2018 New FlKIIef
? That’s pretty good, right? That’s who he reminds me of. He’s a guy that just looks so impressive in his ability to get open.

“So OU keeps adding to their receiving corps. Right now they have [Jaquayln] Crawford. They have the two young guys that are the inside guys, Robinson] that are going through training camp. Now Bridges is gonna be coming in. They reload on the outside with Arjei and Theo [Wease], and Bridges is going to be able to jump inside and out, and then the guy that I think created a ton of buzz is Stogner. Stogner was a guy—now he was rated highly, but he’s been committed so long that you forget about him a little bit. And, man, he went out and he was just as good as anybody that they’ve seen.

Observed ORs for processed meats were partly attenuated after additional adjustment for baseline BMI. Such attenuation may be due to the independent effects of obesity on processed meat intake and diabetes. However, obesity may be in the causal pathway between processed meat intake and diabetes risk—that is, consuming a diet high in processed meats may cause weight gain and obesity, a risk factor for diabetes. As such, the model that adjusts for BMI may underestimate the effect of processed meat intake on diabetes risk.

These findings are consistent with several other prospective studies in whites and health professionals that showed a positive association of processed meats and incident diabetes ( 1 4 , 26 29 ) and no association of unprocessed red meats and incident diabetes ( 1 , 2 , 4 ). In contrast, a large meta-analysis suggested that both processed meat and unprocessed red meat are associated with higher risk of diabetes; however, the association of processed meat and incident diabetes was considerably stronger than for unprocessed red meat ( 27 ). It is possible that our analysis was not adequately powered to detect a modest association of unprocessed red meat on diabetes risk.

Our results indicate that the magnitude of the relation of processed meat and diabetes is greatest for spam intake. Unlike spam, hot dogs, lunch meat, breakfast sausage, and the total processed meat categories comprise a heterogeneous mix of lean and nonlean meats (such as turkey or beef hot dogs, bologna or turkey breast lunch meat, and turkey or beef breakfast sausage). The lack of clear association (or dose-related trend) of non-spam processed meats on diabetes development may be due to the heterogeneity in the types of meats that comprise the non-spam processed meat categories or due to other measurement error/recall bias associated with the FFQ.

There are several possible biological mechanisms that might explain our findings. Processed meats are rich in additives and preservatives, including sodium nitrate, which could influence diabetes risk. Nitrosamines are present in processed meats at manufacturing or formed by interactions of amino acids and nitrates within the body. Nitrosamines have been shown to have a toxic effect on β cells and may promote the development of diabetes ( 30 34 ). Processed meats have higher amounts of nitrates than do unprocessed red meats ( 35 ), and this may, in part, explain the differences in diabetes risk for processed meats and unprocessed red meats. In addition, processed meats are also high in advanced glycation end products. Advanced glycation end products are formed in the heating and processing of meats and have been shown to influence inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are risk factors for development of diabetes ( 30 , 31 , 36 , 37 ).

Alternatively, it is possible that other unmeasured factors that influence both intake of processed meats and diabetes may have accounted for our results. Because many AI communities are located in isolated rural areas or on reservations, many people have limited access to healthy foods and rely on food items available at local convenience stores, including spam. In addition, the USDA food assistance program provides commodity foods to low-income AIs who reside on reservations in an effort to address national food insecurity; spam is a staple commodity food. Because the most disadvantaged participants may also have other unmeasured lifestyle characteristics for diabetes (eg, limited access to health care, inability to comply with medical advice), residual confounding may account for the association of processed meat/spam with diabetes development if processed meat intake is a marker for unmeasured socioeconomic disadvantage. More studies are needed to better understand this relation.

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